Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Hi, I reopened this site in case some of you have a lot of free time and want to read.

The earlier entries are longer and more detailed while the later entries are sorta boring and windy. You can tell that I was actually getting busier and having less time (in other words, getting lazier).

I doubt any of you will actually read everyday of this site...i'll try to pick a few days that are worth a read.

Hope this will help you a little.

-Jenhan :)

Day Sixty One; Last Day

I actually wrote a long entry but lost the file. Sorry folks. To put it short, (as in really short) last day was nice :)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Day Sixty; Absence

Didn't work today.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Day Fifty Nine; Last Minute Celebration

Woke up as usual today and put on my new pair of boots. Heehe. I got ready by 8.35am in case Ah Boy came early but she arrived at 8.45am and then we left. I thought we’d miss breakfast like the past few days but today traffic was smooth. Ironically, it was smooth sailing because the traffic lights were out.

A few minutes after arriving, I got a call from Jenny asking me to get some U-matic tapes from someone called Molly. U-matic tapes are like VCR tapes but slightly bigger and thicker and that’s where all the TVCs are stored. I asked for all the archived McDonald’s advertisements and found myself balancing 9 tapes on the walk back to my seat.

My task was to list down every single ad, the duration, language and date for Jenny. The advertisements dated back to 1986, a year BEFORE I was even born.

It’s 11.30 now and I finally finished listing everything. Tricia and Jenny haven’t come in yet. My guess is they’re settling some McDonald’s stuff out there. I delivered the tapes back Molly and then went back to my seat. Gin May tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to tell her the joke I wanted to the other day. After that we walked over to her place and then had a little chat.

It’s 12.22pm already and is time for lunch. Kelvin was supposed to join us for lunch today but no sight of him yet. Ah Boy said he would only be here at 2pm so we went for lunch first.

Vanessa, Ah Boy, Gin May and I went for lunch at the same place we went yesterday. Tricia called me to say that she was going to the office soon and asked if I had done Jenny’s work. I said yes. After lunch there, Ah Boy wanted to eat chapatti so we walked to this ‘Chapatti House’ called Restaurant Santa and got her chapatti.

We arrived back at the office at about 1.50pm.

It is now 2.52pm and I have been pretty idle. Kelvin is already here and is helping out with some work. I’m actually watching advertisements from around the world just to pass the time. I think I should get started with my internship report soon. Maybe now. Hmm.

I continued watching advertisements until about 3.30pm and then Tricia asked me to help take photographs of a CD. I went to Jas to get the camera but she said it was with Jayme. Jayme hasn’t been in the office the whole day already and I heard she’s gone to see some Formula-1 car.

I walked over to Jayme’s place and saw that she had just returned! Lucky me! I went to talk to Kelvin while Jayme transferred her pictures out.

It is 4.49pm already. I took the pictures Tricia wanted earlier and then went out to the bistro where Gokul, Kelvin and Ah Boy were. We talked a little while and then saw some tongue twisters and tried it. Haaha.

After that I talked to Vivian a little while and asked her why don’t she play sudoku anymore. Then she turned around whipped out a cutout page from a newspaper with 4 sudoku puzzles and said, “I do one already, then I feel sleepy.”

I went back to my seat and the Tricia asked me to help her photostate some job reqs and also passed me a BM translation to check with Hanifah our BM copywriter. I went to look for Hanifah but he wasn’t there. I’ll try again later.

It is 5.11pm now. I spotted Hanifah walking out just now so I followed him from behind only to find out that he was going to prayers. I guess I’ll see him after that then.

I finally met up with Hanifah at about 5.30pm and we discussed about the copy a little. After that, I helped Tricia typed it out and also assisted Jenny in some of her stuff.

Right before leaving at 6pm, Jenniner had just finished a conversation on the phone and suddenly went ecstatic. She then gave Jamie a ‘high ten’ and then went around ‘parading’ and celebrating.

It seems we have won another account. The Siemen’s account. Just one month into the new year and we’ve gotten ourselves 4 new clients. I only know two of them which is Sempoerna and Siemens. Joyous!

Anyways ok, I’m off!

See you tomorrow!

2 more days and then this site reaches its expiry.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Day Fifty Eight; The Call and The Cheer

I woke up a little late today and messaged Ah Boy to come at 8.45am. Took my shower, got dressed and went downstairs to find her car already outside. Turns out she received my message only after leaving the house. Whoops.

Upon arriving at the office, I saw 3 things. A note from Gin May reminding me to tell her a joke, a note from Tricia asking me to “call her…tomorrow.” and a big banner on the far end. It had the face of a familiar face on it and the letters spelt AKON. Somebody must have had a blast yesterday night.

Tricia will be in late this morning so I called her as her note told me to and then she asked me to help send in some job reqs and then I went to see Jenny. I had to write another job req for BM translations and also go see Swan, the Chinese copywriter to get a translation mailed to Jenny. After that, I had to settle some product estimates.

It’s 10.26am now and I’m finally done with all that. Now, to revise my competitive review again and make sure I make a back up copy incase someone decides to delete it again.

I wrote a new job req for Jenny and have just submitted it in. If there were a day I’d miss my old seat, it would be today. There are quite a few girls outside and as always, walking to and fro to the toilet. Give me my old place back! It’s not that I want to gawk at them but you know…I just want to help lost girls get to the toilet safety.

11.30am, Tricia just arrived and passed me a stack of estimates the clients has just approved to close and bill. Just now Jayme called me and said “Jenhan, today lunch eat pork!” Haaha. Ok, I wonder what’s for lunch.

At about 12.15pm we went for lunch at this alleyway. It was a narrow alley with tables and chairs and they served normal Chinese dishes like that ginger pork and herbal chicken. It was delicious and was quite affordable!

When I came back for lunch, Jenny went out already and Tricia wasn’t here so I was pretty idle until recently. It’s 3.11pm now. I helped Tricia double check the prices of the burgers, settled the close and bills, and finalized the competitive review.

I also watched this advertisement made in Thailand that was very interesting. A little to long for an advertisement, in my opinion but it was fun and really does the job as an advertisement. It’s been around for a while; it’s called Smooth E. You can watch it on YouTube.

I just got a call from Douglas asking if I want to be an extra in his corporate video! I will be shooting alongside Rashid Salleh and Sharifah Armani! Can you believe it? I can’t! If I’m not mistaken it’s going to be sort of like a Borat spoof and I’ll be playing several roles.

It’s already 5.43pm and I guess the day is ending soon. It’s been rather quiet today.

6.00pm. All of of the staff were called to the bistro for a ‘meeting’ with Kien. He started off by saying how some of us have been so busy the past weeks and then there was a Sampoerna pitch. Then he went on, “This morning, Sampoerna called.” WE WON THE PITCH! And everyone went ecstatic! There were a few bottles of soft drinks and some light food for all of us. It is such joy to see everyone in the agency cheer in such unison. It really motivates a healthy worklife.

A few minutes after that, we left for home.

One “fuck” heard today.

See you tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow and no more for now.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Day Fifty Seven; Missing Files

This was the 'advertising' I did in DAY 50

The note Clarissa pasted on the mirror on DAY 53

The other note Clarissa pasted on DAY 53

I got up as usual today, lazing, tossing and turning on the bed. Ah Boy came at 8.35am today but my shirt was being ironed so I only went out 10 minutes later. It was surprisingly jammed today and we arrived too late for breakfast.

Tricia wasn’t here yet. She called me and told me that she would be coming in later because she has to go to the bank first. I helped her send in some job reqs and also a dispatch an envelope.

It is 10.29am now. Jenny just walked in looking for Tricia but no sign of her yet. I had to rearrange the prosperity burger job reqs from Emi’s time so I did and it’s now 11.31am.
Tricia came in at about 10.50am and she asked me to help make a duplicate copy of a CD.

I went to Jas and then she noticed that I had cut my hair (with Amber Chia :p) and then she saw my clothes today and said I look smart today. I was wearing a white shirt tucked into denim and I had my geeky Oakleys on. Then I walked to Sharon to get some CDs and then she said “Wow today you look so….so…so…..” Then I said, “IT look?” Then she said it wasn’t that.

So to wash away my worries I asked, “look gay?”

She said “No la! Very straight…very straight!”

PHEW. I don’t have to worry about the adjective she was looking for anymore.

Then she stuttered and said “hmm…smart.” Haaha I teased her saying that she had such a hard time saying smart because she was looking for an alternative for the adjective ‘handsome’. After more laughing, I then took my CD.

I went back to Jas to pass the empty CD to her and then we had a little chat. It’s my last week here :( She asked me to get her another CD so I went back to Sharon and this time she did a ‘comeback’ by saying “Want me to say you’re handsome is it? Walk here again?”

So I gave my ‘comeback’ and said, “Yeah, you were shy the first time so I came again to give you another chance to say what you wanted to say. You know its not good to keep things trapped inside. Very unhealthy.” Haahahaha.

Just when I had inflated my head into the clouds, my ego soaring with eagles, my self-esteem as high as Bob Marley on marijuana, I had to stumble into Gin May.

“Haaha, why you look so nerdy today?” she said.

There is a ‘famous’ proverb in the Bahasa Melayu that goes like this, “potong stim”.

It’s 12.05pm already. I went over to Gin May and Clarissa’s place for a little chat and Gin May shared some of her ‘ah piau’ biscuits. It’s those aeroplane biscuits you buy from the pasar malam uncle who has all sorts of biscuits.

Wong gave me Aliya’s laptop so that I could read DVDs and get my competitive review done today. We have to submit it by today already.

HORROR. THE HORROR! The competitive review files are gone! It seems that when Wong went to clarify with Jenny about the files, the updated files that I compiled and done was deleted! Oh my gosh. Gone!

I’m going to have to redo this but the problem is I don’t even have the store pictures that I took. It’s all gone! I think I’ll have to go get the Media Banc CDs and do whatever I can now.

Lunch today was beef noodles in Petaling Street again. Jayme, Vanessa, Ah Boy and I went and Jayme took us to this parking lot that operates on machines. It’s very much similar to the one you see in Tokyo Drift.

After lunch we went to Starbucks and got ourselves a drink and then back to the office. It’s about time I settle my student log report for college. Luckily I didn’t stop halfway updating this site; otherwise I wouldn’t have remembered what I did in the first or second week.

It’s 4.29pm now. Tricia is out for a TVC on-line and Jenny out for an off-line, which mean I’m all-alone at the moment. I have just recompiled everything I can get from the Media Banc for the competitive review. Now, all I have to do is follow up on a Jawi translation job with Linda.

Li San came over to show me a McDonald’s ad from Japan and I have to give it to the Japanese. They can make everything look so appealing. They have a burger called the MegaMac. Now we all know what the Big Mac but the MegaMac is a BigMac x2 in one burger. Ok, think two Big Macs stacked on one another and you’ll have yourself a Megamac. Wow.

It’s 5.55pm now and I should be leaving soon. Actually now!

One “fuck” heard today.

See you tomorrow,

4 working days left.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Day Fifty Six; Eighth Sunday

No work today.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Day Fifty Five; Eighth Saturday

No work today.